1. Free meal on your birthday if you bring 3 or more paying ADULTS!
    – To clarify your party should have at least 4 people, the birthday person and 3 paying ADULTS. This offer is only valid on the DAY of your birthday and you must bring valid identification to verify your birth date. If it is your child’s birthday please remember to bring valid identification for them! Many parents forget and we sadly couldn’t gift them the promotion 🙁
  2. If it’s your birthday and you didn’t bring at least 3 adults, no problem! We will gift you a birthday voucher that you can redeem for a free meal (of equal or lesser value) if you bring the remaining people to make 3.
    – For example, if you came in a party of 2 on your birthday (you and someone else), you’ll get a free meal if you bring 1 person next time; if you came in a party of 1 (just you), you’ll get a free meal if you bring 2 people next time; if you come in a party of 3 (you and two others), your next meal is free without you having to bring anyone.
  3. 10% discount for seniors(65 and older), Military/Police/Veterans, and employees of the following companies:
    – Redmond Town Center, Microsoft, AT&T, Boeing, Samsung, Amazon, Google, and T-Mobile.
    – The discount is per employee.
  4. Promotions cannot be combined. Of the three above, you can only choose 1 per visit. Promotions are not valid on Holidays (except for senior discounts).
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